Viporisor Checking and Maintenaning

Vaporiser Verification check and Maintenance

Customised Design and Fabrication

Customise Design  & Fabrication of Lab Cabinets

Research Equipment Supplies and consultation

Research Equipment supplies and consultation.

Specialty Consumables for Animal Infusion and sampling

Feeding Tubes


We want the best value for money, best application solutions and reliable after-sales service for our customers, and strive to achieve this by improving our product, application and knowledge skills.

Our prompt and accurate responses reflect our attitude of attentiveness to your needs, and allow you to quickly make informed decisions, and better science.


We are proud of the work we are doing to support research and teaching of sciences, during these exciting times.

We truly believe that long after the price is forgotten, our service will be remembered, and will be with you as you research advances. 


Prime Bioscience specializes in distributing laboratory equipment from well established and reliable international manufacturers. With over 40 years of accumulated experience, we have built a team of responsive, pro-active and knowledgeable staff committed to providing the best products and personalised customer service, all at fair prices.

We work alongside leading research and teaching institutions and support our network of partners overseas.


Started when a team of professionals, with more than 40 years of collective experience in the scientific industry, were determined to provide the best scientific equipment to researchers and educators all over Asia.

Since 2004, we have built a reputation for our cutting-edge biomedical products and our tailored services to meet your needs. We do our best to ensure our users know how to fully utilize their products so they can experience their own success in research and teaching.

We offer a diverse range of biomedical products from top manufacturers, with some applications ranging from cell & tissue engineering to behavioural studies and neuroscience. Our aim is to provide excellent service and products to the scientific community so they can accomplish their research and education goals.