R540 Enhance Anesthesia Machine


R540 incorporates more functions as below than R510 table top anesthesia machines.

The pushbutton O2 Quick Flush purges induction chamber at the rate of at least 10,000cc/min before removing animals, or rescuing animals during your experiment.

The Toggle Switch allows convenient and fast switch of gas flow between induction chamber and anesthesia masks (breathers).

Table top and wall mount Available in one unit, and post mount optional.

Note: the Manifold with 1LPM Flowmeter (Mounting Assembly), Vaporizers, Inlet /Outlet End Caps, and other accessories should be purchased separately.

Order Information

at No. Product Description
R540-A R540 Series Mounting Assembly with O2 Flowmeter(0.1-1LPM)
R580S Vaporizer 120 for Isoflurane – Pour Fil
R580-IO Vaporizer Endcaps (1 pair)
R-PG-O2-1M(SS) O2 Pressure Regulator-Stainless Steel, 25Mpa, 0.1-1MPa
R-AH-80 Air Hose- ID8.0-9/16-M16*1.5-2m
R510-S Portable Stand for R510 Series Anesthesia Machine
R-GM-ET(D) Universal Dual E-Tank Manifold, CGA-870/M16*1.5
R500-N2O-1E Expansion Assembly with 0.1-1LPM N2O Flowmeter
R500-AIR-1E Expansion Assembly with 0.05-1LPM Air Flowmeter
R500-CO2-1E Expansion Assembly with 0.05-1LPM CO2 Flowmeter
R600-O2-4E Expansion Assembly with 0.1-4LPM O2 Flowmeter
R510-09 2ch Flowmeter for Anesthesia, range 0.1-1.0L/min each


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