BTPE-20 Polyethylene Tubing 30M


PE Tubing
Various sizes available
PE-10, PE- 20, PE- 25,
PE-50, PE- 60, PE-90


Product Description

Polyethylene Tubing

Instech’s PE tubing solves one of the biggest problems with PE: the price. The low density formulation (LDPE) is comparable to that which is offered by the large catalog suppliers. PE-50 is the most common size as it connects to 22ga swivels, luer stubs, couplers and PinPorts. BTPE-25 is a new size that mates with 25ga devices. PE tubing provides excellent compound compatibility.

See also our co-extruded PE/PVC tubing which has a layer of PVC around the PE to minimize kinking.

Sold non-sterile on spools of 30m (98ft). Do not autoclave. Not for human use.


PE tubing

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S.G.D.  Pricing

Model    Name    Price
BTPE-10 PE-10 tubing, .011x.024in, spool, non-sterile $175 / 30m 
BTPE-20 PE-20 tubing, .015x.043in, spool, non-sterile $175 / 30m 
BTPE-25 PE tubing, fits 25ga, .018x.036in, spool, non-sterile $175 / 30m 
BTPE-50 PE-50 tubing, fits 22ga, .023x.038in, spool, non-sterile $175 / 30m 
BTPE-60 PE-60 tubing, fits 20ga, .030x.048in, spool, non-sterile $175 / 30m 
BTPE-90 PE-90 tubing, .034x.050in, spool, non-sterile $175 / 30m