Harvard Apparatus Pump Controller (HAPC)

Permeability, Conductivity and Drug studies

Product Description

Infusion Efficiency with World Class Precision


Precision infusion for accurate, reliable and repeatable results is critical to the success of your work. High experiment throughput is essential to keep up with your rapidly changing research area. When using fluidics in research, it can be difficult to know which solution will provide the most reliable and repeatable results, yet best supports high throughput and concurrent experiments.

What if you had a pump controller that would allow you to run multiple infusion experiments – simultaneously or independently, to accelerate experiment throughput without compromising accuracy? And what if that tool provided clear feedback on each experiment-in real time?

The Harvard Apparatus Pump Controller (HAPC) allows configuration and control of up to four pumping channels- independently or simultaneously, using an intuitive, touch screen interface. The HAPC delivers precise infusion and provides clear feedback on the status of each infusion—in real time, across all relevant infusion possibilities.

The HAPC offers preprogrammed flow methods for simple to complex operations that allow you to be up and running with the push of a button. You can even save your flow profiles on the HAPC and use them when needed.

Compatible with Harvard Apparatus Nanomite, PHD ULTRA™ and Pump 11 Elite/Pico Plus Elite stand-alone syringe pumps and syringe pump modules, the controller is easy to set up and easy to use. You can mix pump module types to build the perfect system for your application. The HAPC is an expandable system. Purchase a one, two or three channel system now and add channels as needed.

Choose a controller configuration, select your pumping mechanism and experience complete control over your fluidic experiments.



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