MC15/10 Microdialysis Tubing Connectors


Microdialysis tubing connectors


Product Description

Microdialysis Tubing Connectors

These silicone tubing segments are sized to connect FEP tubing to 22ga swivels, probes and syringes with no added dead volume. They offer two significant advantages over traditional “blue widgets”*: (1) they do not need to be soaked in alcohol prior to installation; and (2) they minimize the chance of damage to swivels when removing tubing, as blue widgets have an extremely tight grip after they shrink down.

* For example, CMA part no. 340-9400 or Microbiotech/SciPro part nos. 4001003, 4001036, 4001054 and 4001055.

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MC015/10 Microdialysis tubing connectors, 100 per sterile pack $80 / pkg of 100