MemoryFlex Student Surgical Scissors


504622, 504623, 504624, 504625, 504626, 504627, 504628, 504629

  • Memory steel construction
  • Splay resistant
  • Light as titanium
  • Virtually unbreakable
  • Made in America
  • Perfect for left hand use
  • Economical alternative to conventional scissors


Product Description

Our student line of MemoryFlex™ scissors, like our standard MemoryFlex™ series, are constructed of memory steel. Our memory scissors will change your expectations for your fine surgical scissors. Most standard stainless steel surgical scissors are unable to cut through 8 layers of latex. Because of their unique memory steel, our Memory Flex scissors can easily cut at least 64 layers of latex, cutting all the way to the tip.

Our MemoryFlex™ series are the premium memory scissors, and the student line is our economical scissors. Either way, memory steel construction gives you the same amazing cutting edge.

The memory steel removes the tension from the rivet (or screw) joint that holds the scissor blades together. For standard stainless steel scissors, the pivot point is the weak spot. As soon as it loosens, the blades begin to splay, and the scissors lose their cutting ability. Memory steel scissor blades are set with a 300% increased shearing angle so that the blades actually overlap. The memory steel flexes as the cut is made, guaranteeing consistent cutting at the tip with greater cutting efficiency and less crushing when used for cutting tissue. The flexible memory steel always returns to its original shape. This ensures that you get a clean, sharp cut every time.

Additionally, the excessive shearing bias counteracts the negative ‘shear reducing aspects’ of use in the left hand. This makes our instruments ideal for left hand use. If you are left handed, you will notice the difference the first time you use our memory steel scissors.

Student MemoryFlex™ Scissors Cutting Tip Options

Part # Description Image            SGD$
504622 MemoryFlex™ Student Scissors, 12.4cm  with 2.2cm straight, sharp/sharp blades        $75.00
504623 MemoryFlex™ Student Scissors, 12.4cm  with 2.2cm curved, sharp/sharp blades          $75.00
504624 MemoryFlex™ Student Scissors, 11.75cm  with 1.6cm curved, blunt/blunt, serrated blades           $75.00
504625 MemoryFlex™ Student Scissors, 11.5cm  with 1.25cm straight, sharp/sharp blades            $75.00
504626 MemoryFlex™ Student Scissors, 11.58cm  with 1.25cm curved, sharp/sharp blades            $75.00
504627 MemoryFlex™ Student Microtenotomy Scissors, 11.5cm  with 1.25cm straight, blunt/blunt duck billed blades            $75.00
504628 MemoryFlex™ Student Microtenotomy Scissors, 11.58cm  with 1.25cm blunt tips             $75.00
504629 MemoryFlex™ Student Littauer Suture Remover, 11.78cm  with 1.75cm straight blades              $75.00


With ordinary scissors, the position is a maximal distance away from the tip. The fingers alone must control the entire action. With the MemoryFlex™ scissors, the hand and fingers work together. The hand is also positioned much closer to the tip, offering unparalleled control.


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504622, 504623, 504624, 504625, 504626, 504627, 504628, 504629