OSmotic pump

Osmotic Pump

Permeability, Conductivity and Drug studies

Product Description

Osmotic Pumps

With competitive price, miniature infusion pump is designed for precise and continuous long-term dosing in mice and rats, durations for up to 4 weeks, which relieves researchers who are burdened by multiple injections.

It can be implanted subcutaneously or intraperitoneal for systemic administration, or connected to a catheter to provide targeted delivery for blood vessels, brain, spinal cord, or other specific areas infusion.


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The osmotic pump consists of a robust semi-permeable membrane that allows animals’ fluids to pass through. Built-in high-pressure salt interlayer, which absorbs animal fluids, causing them to expand and squeeze the drug storage capsule. The stored liquid in the capsule can be delivered to specific tissue area continuously and accurately at a constant rate.

(drug delivery system as the image below )



  • Cardiovascular disease model;
  • Addiction Research;
  • Emotion-based research;
  • Medication research for diabetes and other metabolic diseases;
  • Pain, injury, and other therapeutic drug infusions;
  • Cancer Drug Screening;

Positions of the implanted pump and the drug pumped out

The pump can be implanted directly into the peritoneal cavity or the back of the neck to deliver the drug.
Drug delivery can be even for specific tissues, such as vessels, inner brain, spinal cord, lung, liver etc., just by attaching catheters or other accessories.

Size of Pump

Models: 3 sizes, 100ul, 200ul, and 2ml. The pump rate is stable through in-vivo testing.

Benefits of material

Made by biocompatible material to avoid immune rejection after implantation in rats and mice. Each pump is also sterilized by irradiation to ensure no inflammatory reaction in mice and rats.