SCX25 Connectors X


4-way X connector 25ga


Product Description

Y and X Connectors

Commonly used in glucose clamp studies, Instech’s 3- and 4-way tubing connectors feature stainless steel tubes and a hub made of Kel-F® (PCTFE, chemically resistant). Tubes extend approximately 6mm from the hub. Dead volume of from one channel to the next is less than 3µL.

They are available in a 22ga version, to mate with PE-50 tubing, 3Fr PU catheters, VAHBPU-T22 and PE/PVC, and a 25ga version for the lowest dead volume and use with mice.

Packaged individually and EtO sterilized.

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SGD. Pricing

Model    Name    Price
SCY22 3-way Y connector, 22ga, sterile $60 / each 
SCY25 3-way Y connector, 25ga, sterile $60 / each 
SCX22 4-way X connector, 22ga, sterile $60 / each 
SCX25 4-way X connector, 25ga, sterile $60 / each